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About is a very simple MMO game that is much more exciting than it seems.

You are controlling a single cell that moves around the area and eats other cells. You can only eat smaller cells and the more you eat them, the more you grow.

The game’s simplicity and exciting gameplay have quickly spread across the world, and now, millions of players enjoy it every day.



The main objective of is to grow your cell by swallowing smaller cells than your own, without being swallowed by bigger cells. The game has four available modes: Experimental, Party, Free for All, and Teams. The goal of the game is to have the biggest cell when all other cells are swallowed. Every player can customize the appearance of his cell. Cells lose mass over time and move slower when they grow.

The gameplay is pretty simple and new players can adapt to the game in minutes. The game is very addictive, so once you start, it’s hard to quit. If you want to make sure that you get the best score possible, you need something extra to deal with other players and bigger cells. That is where our Agario Hack comes in.

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Agario Cheats, tips and more info


If you find the game fun and enjoyable, but you don’t want to work too hard to improve your scores and skills, you can always use our Agario free online tool, but we also have a whole bunch of tips you can use to improve your skills. There is a good chance that many of the players you encounter during game sessions already use our free online generator without any risks. Why should you spend so much time playing the game in its basic form, when you can enhance your experience and enjoy the gameplay much more?

That is where the Agario cheats fits in perfectly. This hack will help you gain mass faster and move quicker around the level. Other players will have a difficult time catching and running away from you as you dominate them in every game session. But, before we discuss the details, we will give you a couple of tips on the gameplay. Use them and get even better results!

Tricks in seems like a really simple game, but there are many small things that can make a huge difference in your score. The tips are simple and easy to apply, but they still make a noticeable difference in the results. Here are some useful tricks that will help you be better than most:


  • If you want to increase the mass of your cell after splitting it, faster than waiting for them to absorb one another, find a corner and eject mass towards the cell you want to grow. Many players use this strategy in their games because it’s effective and it grows your cell much faster.
  • Ejecting mass into larger cells than yours is a good idea. They will probably leave you alone because you gave them mass, or they can team up with you. You can avoid danger by ejecting mass to skilled players, and inexperienced players think that you’re on the same team if you eject mass towards them.
  • A couple of small cells may seem like easy pray but beware before approaching them because they can merge and end up eating you. Eat that player only if you can split your cells and eat them all at once.
  • Hide behind your viruses and block other players from eating you. You won’t have to run because the players won’t split, but make sure you don’t split either in the process.
  • If you are being chased by a bigger cell, give it some mass and it might leave you alone.
  • Think twice before trusting players that have names like “I help” and “let’s team up”, especially if they are not alone. The chances are they will try to eat you right away.
  • Circle around bigger cells when they are chasing you because they will eat you much harder that way.
  • Choose your team in Party mode carefully. Your teammates might eat you after you split. These players are known as fake teamers.
  • If your mass exceeds 400, you can eat viruses. Find a place with no players and lots of viruses for bigger rewards.
  • If you own a widescreen monitor on your PC, move left and right, rather than up and down because you’ll have more time to react to danger.

Pro tips


  • Split your cell to shoot a virus at another player. Most enemies won’t see you coming, and if you’re facing a larger enemy, shoot a small piece of a virus his way. Just try not to shoot yourself.
  • If you see a team of players together and you’re on your own at the time, track them until they separate. Use your skills to defeat the bigger players first.
  • If someone shoots you with a virus, use smaller pieces to lure other players close enough to eat them.
  • When you reach a mass over 10k, play aggressively. If you play too aggressively, you will activate the Anti Team Penalty, losing more than half of your mass right away. Be careful.

Features of Agario Hack Tool is an amazing game. It’s simple, easy to play and it is very addictive. The best thing about it is that it’s free. We’re going to go through the main features of the Agario cheat generator now.

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  • You can host private games with the Agario generator. You can host and play the game with your friends and with as many bots as you want.

Agario Generator types


These are the cheats available with our generator:

  • Speed boost – As you might have guessed, the speed boost cheat increases the speed of your cell. This is very helpful when you’re trying to run away or catch another player.
  • Mass boost – Our Agario generator also offers a mass booster that increases the number of points you get by eating other cells, which results in much faster growth. No one will be able to stop you!
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