Agar.io is one of the simplest, yet most addictive video games there are. This game is highly lovable and most players who try it once keep coming back to it all the time. For such a simple idea, this game has gained a huge fan base and it keeps growing every second. There are many reasons why we enjoy playing Agar.io online, but we are going to mention only some of them. It is impossible not to love this awesome game.


Here are the top reasons why we love playing Agar io:


  1. You always get to start from the beginning


Lots of people are always asking for a chance to start from the beginning. Well, in agar.io, you always start from the beginning after getting eaten. Since you can’t do that in real life, you can sure do it in agar.io, like it or not.


  1. You can become the biggest beast in the world


We are all striving for the top, always looking for a way to become stronger than others in our lives. Agar.io is a game that allows you to grow much stronger than others and when you become the biggest cell in the game, you are the one setting the rules. Watch other players run away when they see your might!


  1. Trust a person you don’t know


Finding people that are worth trusting is really hard and you end up betrayed and hurt most of the time. When someone tosses some mass your way in agar.io, you know you can trust them. Collecting mass can be a difficult task, so when someone shares theirs with you – trust them. You will feel like you know them for ages after a couple of hours in agar.io.


  1. Work hard to lose everything in seconds


You can spend hours chasing cells and eating food on the way, trying to be the biggest cell around, and then, something happens. There is a glitch, or you get cornered between a couple of viruses. Everything you work hard to build disappeared in a second. You need to keep your eyes open and think!


  1. We like to win


Being victorious is not really defined in this game. You can feel like a winner after reaching a certain size, but when you see your name on the top of the leaderboard, you know that you are the master!




  1. Life is not fair


This is a lesson we all have to learn while we are still kids. If you have forgotten about it by any chance, the game is going to remind you how unfair life can be. Challenge stronger enemies and show them you’re the boss!




Ah, yes, revenge, one of the most satisfying feelings there are. When another player eats your cell and makes you play again, work harder and return the favor when the chance presents itself. Never back down and always enjoy revenge upon those who have wronged you!


Like we said, there are many reasons why we love playing agar.io. Choose your favorites and help yourself with our agario mass boost hack option.