Have you heard about Agar.io Game? Do you know how to play it? I’m sure many of your friends are talking about it right now. Well, if you are willing to find out everything about it, its tips, cheats, tricks and everything else that will help you enjoy this very addictive new game, stay with us and read everything about it.

If you don’t know anything about Agar.io, it is time to find out why it is one of the most addictive and easiest games to play online. Here we have a little guide for beginners in this game which includes the best cheats and tricks that you are going to find. First, let’s see how to play this game.

How to play Agar.io?

Playing this game cannot be easier. All you need to do is just go to Agar.io and pick a username. Once you do this, you will get on  board like a tiny blob. The point of this game is to consume all the smaller blobs that are lying all around so you become bigger while trying to avoid those large blobs that can kill you if they absorb you. Once you become large enough, you will be able to start absorbing all the other little blobs out there whilst you are growing bigger all the time. So, it sounds simple. You just need to eat and try not to be eaten. You only need to use your mouse, the “w’’ key and, of course, the spacebar.

What tips do you need to know about?

As we already mentioned, while you are still small, you will often see those aggressive, large blobs that are coming after you because they want to eat you. Now, if one of them is very near you and you think you can’t run away, and a virus is somewhere nearby, it may be your best chance of survival. Large blobs hate viruses because once a giant blob is bigger than some virus, it can split the blob into pieces. So, if you hide behind the virus, you will save yourself by keeping the big blobs away.

The space in this game has its limits, so if you know where they are, you can trap your opponent. If you catch a smaller blob somewhere into the edge, you will absorb it quickly because he will have nowhere to go.

What can help you?

You already know that the viruses can split large blobs into little pieces. So, if there is an opponent that you want to take down, you can feed a virus who can help you. Just press the “w’’ key for seven times in the virus’ direction, and this will help you a lot. You will become slower as you grow. If you think that you are already large enough, and it’s not safe anymore to stay like that, it’s good to divide yourself into a few blobs to move faster and absorb little blobs.

We also want you to know that skins and extensions in Agar.io mods are totally fine and acceptable, but if you want to be sure that the credit goes where it should go, make sure you stick to the mods which are approved.