When it comes to killing time on the internet, there is no better way than playing agar.io, and if you already know what that is, you know that we’re right.

Agar.io is one of the most addictive and engaging games out there and the best part about it is its simplicity. Anyone can play this game, but not everyone can be the best at it. If you don’t know what this game is all about, stick around and find out.

Agar.io is a browser game which has requires very low requirements from your PC for smooth play. It’s a game where you start as a small ball, and you eat other, smaller balls to become bigger. The balls you can eat at the beginning are there just to get you going, but the real challenge is eating other players. We failed to mention that this game is a multiplayer game and there is no single player mode.


In order to eat another player, you will have to be bigger than said player. If you are smaller, the other player will eat you. However, there are a few tricks when it comes to this game. It may appear simple, but it really isn’t. The smaller you are, the faster you move, and vice versa, which means it’s not that easy to eat another player. If you are big enough that half your size can eat another player, you can split half of yourself by hitting ”space”.

This way you will duplicate yourself, but each ball will be half your maximum size. This is great if you are hunting another player, but if someone else is also hunting you, it can be quite devastating. This requires careful planning and strategizing so that once you eat another player you don’t get eaten yourself.

Another amazing method for eating other players might be by tossing pieces of yourself into the player and making them bigger, thus slowing them. While using this method, make sure you don’t overdo it and make another player bigger than you because it will backfire and they will start chasing you instead of another way around.

These are just some basics. If you want to taste the real deal, simply type agar.io into your browser and you will be ready to go. You can play either as a guest or as a registered member. However, if you play as a registered member you will be able to unlock certain things and bind them to your account, such as different ball appearances or some special boosts.

When it comes to boosts, you can get two kinds, experience, and mass boosts. Experience boost means that you will level your account faster and this will permanently increase your starting mass, where mass boosts are simply boosting your starting mass for the time being. By combining these two, you won’t have to start each game from being a shrimp-sized noob, but rather a player who is most likely to top the charts.