, the most popular and the most addictive browser game today attracts new players every day. The fact that you don’t have to download the game and that it is free to play are the reasons for this enormous interest in this game. It is very simple, and there are not a lot of rules. All you need to know is that you have to eat smaller cells and be careful when it comes to the bigger ones as well as the viruses. Viruses are static green spiky cells that make you explode if you touch them. You can’t do much when it comes to the strategy, and you can set a few guidelines for yourself, and it will probably be enough.  Pick your new skin, type your name and start playing, you will learn everything in the process.


Simple rules make this game suitable for both children and adults, and you will soon know how to play this game, however, if you come up with the right tactic your name might end up on the Leaderboard of the top ten current players. This game isn’t new in the browser game world, and it was released in 2015. However, its popularity has risen due to the recent upgrades.

Upgrading this game was the reason for the enormous popularity and larger and greater number of players. Miniclip, the designer of this game, improved the design, added premium skins, and improved boosting opportunities. Currently, there are over 80 new skins, some of which are Planet skins such as Venus or Mercury, Dragon-ball, Animal themed skins, Pirate skin or even Spy. Each skin has its own features, and it can give you different abilities. For example, if you buy a Spy skin it will make you invisible therefore increasing your chances of success in this game. There are even so-called Veteran skins which require you to reach a certain level before they become available for purchase. To buy any of the skins, you will have to get coins, at the beginning you will have only 100 coins, but you can easily purchase more if you want. There are even the special offers that will get you the largest amount of coins for a decent price in US dollars.


When it comes to Boosting, there are only two options, each of which has two more options. You can buy both XP and Mass Boosts. If you decide to get XP Boost, you can choose between Double XP Boost with 1 hour or 24-hour duration and Triple XP Boost with the same options. If you decide to purchase Mass Boost, you can choose between Double Starting Mass or Triple Starting Mass for the same duration period. Whichever of the boosts you want or even if you choose both, there is also best deal offer for 24-hour duration.

Starter Pack is one more option for the new players, and it includes 7000 worth of coins’ pack, Double Starting Mass, and Double XP Boost, the price of this package is really nothing, something about 2$ but it is possible only in the first 24 hours.