FIND OUT HOW TO MAKE THE BEST DESTROYING TEAM IN is a great game that is hard to quit once you start playing it. The game can be played alone or you can team up with another player and dominate the field. Team mode is so much fun! If you want to end the session victorious, you’ll need a good teammate that knows how and when to aid you.


We have put some tips together to help you conquer other players, and if you have trouble doing it, you can always get our agario cheats no download to help you out even more. This is what you need to do to be the winner:



Don’t beg for mass and teaming up. In most cases, players with names like: “feed me”, ” Feed me and Win” will likely eat you after gaining a part of your mass. Don’t be fooled. So, these are some tips that will surely help:


  • If a bigger player is chasing you and you’re getting cornered, shoot some mass at him and he might leave you alone. Then just regain the mass you’ve lost.
  • If you’re the one chasing a smaller cell, don’t shoot mass at your team mate. You never know who’s guarding the player you’re chasing and you can easily end up getting eaten.


Don’t Push too much:


You have to time your attacks just right, so does your teammate. Always think before you act.


  • If you’re moving close to a virus, make a little room for your teammate. You never know who is going to shoot the virus at you.
  • If your teammate is after someone, don’t get in the way because you’ll allow the other player to escape.
  • When your teammate is on the run, don’t interfere. You can easily block your teammate and he can end up getting eaten even if you only wanted to help.
  • If your teammate is chasing a smaller, faster enemy, split your cell into your teammate. This will give him a boost in the direction of his movement, but make sure to time the splitting just right. Don’t do it if there are a couple of enemy cells around you to avoid getting eaten.


Helping teammates


Feeding your teammates is not the only way to help.


  • Don’t just shoot your mass at a teammate that’s being chased by a larger enemy. If you don’t have enough mass, he might still end up getting eaten. Also, you will push him when you feed him. Pushing him the wrong way can help the enemy eat him easier.
  • Use viruses to your advantage. Try to push enemies into viruses and then eat them piece by piece. If a player is chasing your teammate, fire mass into him and make him split on a virus.


Chasing enemies with teammates


  • Chasing straight after an enemy is fine, but you need some tactics when playing with a teammate. You can always make the game easier with our agario cheats to get bigger. If you want to play it the old fashion way, always know where the borders are and try to corner enemies. Attack with your teammate from two sides and they don’t stand a chance.