Playing can be really frustrating. The public servers often have too many players who cheat and it’s hard to connect to the same server with a friend. It is almost impossible to enjoy a game with the people you know with all the other players in the way. Luckily, there is a solution. has been thinking about this problem, and they have come up with a fix for your problems. You can now create your own Agario private server and play the game with whoever you want. Isn’t that awesome? It’s really easy to create a server and invite players, and we are going to explain the whole process step by step.

This is what you need to do :

  • Step 1


First, open your internet browser and write agar serv in the search box. You will see a bunch of websites, but make sure to click on the one called The homepage will appear and you’ll see the registration bar on the top.


  • Step 2


Create an account in a couple of minutes and you will be able to enter other options on the site. Just choose a name and a password, and you’ll be ready to create your own game in minutes.


  • Step 3


After you registered to the site, log in and you will see an option that says “create your server. Upon creating the server, you’ll have to choose options regarding the number of players, the food that’s appearing on the screen as well as other options to create the best possible gaming experience.


  • Step 4


Once you have chosen all the options, go to server options and change the Show Server option to hidden and add a password too. That way, only your friends can join the game, no one else will even see that it exists.


  • Step 5


After completing the entire preparation, just click on create and you’ll be taken straight to the game you created. Making the rules is almost as fun as playing the game with friends. You can get our agario mass boost hack to get an advantage over other players.


  • Step 6


Open the console and enter the password needed to transfer your cell to the desired server. You and your friends will be the only ones on the server and the battle can begin.


  • Step 7


The last step is probably the best one of all because all you need to do now is to enjoy the game with your friends and dominate them on the map. Show them how awesome our Coins Hack Generator Free Online is and that they stand no chance to a supreme cell like yours.