Everybody likes to kill time doing some random things on the internet, and if you are bored of scrolling your favorite website or watching a bunch of different videos on YouTube, we have a new method for you. Agar.io is a browser game which requires no installation, it needs minimal requirements and best of all, it’s good fun and engaging. This game probably can’t be played for more than a few hours simply because it’s very repetitive, but once you play it you will definitely get an urge to play it again.

This game is all about multiplayer. It can’t be played on a single-player mode, and there is no end to it. There are thousands of different games played on different servers at each given moment, and you can join any one of them. The games do not end; they are continuous simply because players are constantly battling to see who will be at the top of the score board. The game revolves around eating other players. You are a ball which is growing by eating other, smaller balls.

When you start, your only potential victims will be immobile; computer generated balls, but as you eat them, you will grow. Once you are big enough, you will be able to eat other players, and if you do, you will add their mass to yours. The only way to eat another player is by going over them and you can eat them only if you are bigger than they are.

The only problem is that the bigger you are, the slower you move. So naturally, there are many different tricks which can be used to either hunt someone down or to escape from someone. For example, you can shoot half your mass at a very fast speed in order to catch someone and eat them, but you won’t be able to return to your original body for some time. This will leave you exposed as someone is probably hunting you down too. We won’t spoil the game any further, so if you find what you’ve read so far interesting, go to agar.io and try out some games.

Agario is a free, internet browser game which can be played without a registered account, but having a registered account holds some benefits. By playing agar.io repeatedly you will be able to level up your account and start the games with a larger body rather than playing from scratch every time. Furthermore, there are these interesting boosts like mass boost or experience boost which you can purchase with coins (an in-game currency for agar.io).

These coins are of course purchasable with real money, but there are some other ways to get them too. Mass boosts increase your starting mass two or three times (depending on boost) for twenty-four hours, where experience boosts will increase your experience gain by two or three times.

Aside from boosts, you can purchase various different skins for your ball. Unregistered accounts or accounts who play without the use of coins are simply green, yellow, blue or some other basic color.