There are many agario strategies and tactics players use to dominate the game and other players. The cannon split tactic is one of them. This tactic is a very effective way of gaining mass really quickly and other players probably won’t even know what hit them.


Keep in mind that you need a teammate with lots of experience to use this tactic. The both of you will have to practice the move first, before being ready to use it on other players. It takes some time to get used to, but once you master it, no one will be able to beat you at Furthermore, if you want to make things even easier, you can use our agario cheats to get bigger. So, how does this tactic work?


Cannon Split Tactic Walk-through


First, find a teammate who is capable of carrying out the task needed. When you find him, enter the same game session and work together right from the start. The both of you should focus on gaining some mass first. One has to be four times as big as the other. This is absolutely crucial because the tactic won’t work otherwise.

cannon split tactic

When you gain enough mass, you have to get in position to perform the cannon split tactic. The bigger one of you has to split into two pieces. Those pieces have to be twice as big as the smaller player. Then, the smaller player has to get between his teammate’s cells and wait for the next step.


Then, the player with two big cells has to split in front of you a couple of times, very quickly. This will make his cells smaller, but there will be many of them. Follow his lead by splitting your cell and eating his. Your cell will then gain the mass of all his cells and grow really fast. The team has to be well prepared because one small mistake can end up in disaster. You have to leave one of your teammate’s cells untouched, or else you would eat him.


Now, when your cell is so large, you will be the one that splits the cells first, your teammate will then eat your cells and the cycle continues. Keep in mind that the both of you have to split at the same moment to stop other large players from eating your smaller cells.


Many players on the map are totally unaware of this tactic and they have no idea how to escape your attacks. The good thing about this agario strategy is that you can tackle much larger players without problems if you time the move right. Perform this move for a couple of times and your name will rise to the top of the leaderboard in seconds.


If you want, you can use our agario mass boost hack to speed up the process even more. If you want to dominate the field with a friend, this is the best tactic possible. Enjoy!