One of the latest multiplayer browser games that has become widely played is the The beginnings of this game were humble, but it quickly gained fame with its exciting gameplay and good multiplayer. This small and exciting game gives you the power to control a cell. The goal of the game is to feed that cell with specks you encounter. Other players also have their cells, and they will try to eat your speck once you become a viable target. You can also eat other peoples’ specks to become the best at your server.

At the start of the game you are just a little cell and your goal is to eat static circles. As you grow, those static circles aren’t enough to keep you growing, so you have to eat other players. And from that moment you will fight with other players, avoiding those that might eat you and eating those with less mass than you.


Hacks for is not an easy game. It has some interesting mechanics that allow you to eat bigger opponents, but using them is hard and frustrating. This game requires tactics and patience as well as some eye to hand coordination.

The satisfaction that comes from becoming the biggest cell on the server is huge. But all of that disappears once you meet a hacker. We aren’t talking about people that use mods, but real hackers that use cheats to increase the mass and speed of their cell. The only way to punish those people for their use of cheats is to use a hack to force them to quit the game. This is cruel, but it is the only way to get rid of those people.

You could find several variations of hack on the internet, but none of them comes close to Boost. We can’t say that other games have hacks like this, but Boost is virtually undetectable, and you can play with it without any fear of being detected. This hack will work for you, and it will give you passive bonuses. It doesn’t require any special programming skills. You will just have to run it and set the parameters. Those parameters will determine the strength of the hack. Some people opt for small boosts to complement their skills, while others opt for a high boost to punish players that harass them.

Features of the Boost

  • This hack is small, but it gives some rather interesting advantages. Due to the nature of those benefits, it is nearly impossible to detect it.
  • Zoom feature gives you cell a constant growth. Use it after your mass is over 200 to avoid detection.
  • Speed feature boosts the speed of your cell. It’s best to use it after you reach the mass of 150, as you might get detected with lower masses.
  • Double Size feature gives you more mass per eaten cell. You can set how much mass you will receive per a cell, but we advise setting it to double points as no one will be able to detect it.