became really popular in the last few months especially since it has been upgraded recently, and new skins attracted new players, and they quickly became addicted. Millions of people around the World are currently playing this game, and it has the potential to be the most addictive browser game ever. It is simple, you certainly won’t be bored playing it, and the best thing of all is that it is entirely free.


If you are ambitious and you want to be the best in this game, you would be glad to know that there is a Leaderboard of top 10 current players if you reach it, every player will hear about you. Everything you need to do to reach this leaderboard is achieved by following some simple rules.

In the beginning, you will be one small cell about the size of the food cells you will have to eat. You can choose the color or skin you want, latest upgrades now allow you to choose any image you want for your skin, and you can enter any username you want, for example, up until now I’ve met a Donald Trump skin, a cell called Russia, countryball of Poland and so on.


#1 The first and the most important rule is – Eat small cells. Big cells eat small cells. Eat as much food as you can & that will help you grow, when you reach a certain size, you can even eat other player’s cells that are smaller than you. All this will help you grow larger, however, just like you can eat other player’s cells, other player’s cells can eat you, so be careful when it comes to bigger players, run from them.

#2 Avoid the Viruses – Viruses are there to stop your development. If you didn’t play before, viruses are green spiky things that can appear everywhere and they don’t move around. If your cell size is more than 150, you have to be careful. If you stumble upon a virus your cell will explode, however, if your size is smaller than 140 you don’t have anything to worry about, small cells will stay the same even if they pass through the virus.

#3 Attack – If you press SPACE your cell will split into two halves, one will be thrown towards the smaller cell to eat it. Splitting doesn’t change your size, and the only difference will be the number of your cells. You can split into maximum 16 cells if you press space button after that nothing happens.

#4 Ejecting mass – If you want to shrink your size, you can do that by pressing the W button – it will help you eject mass but before you do that you should check ‘show mass’ box in the options. Each cell can achieve the maximum mass size of 22500. However, you can increase your score by splitting your cell. Each cell has a maximum size of 22500, and you can have the maximum of 16 cells, which gives you plenty of room for growing and playing the game for hours.