A business man in Iowa slips out of his business suit, turns on his computer and becomes a vampire’s minion- a low level lackey at best, waiting for direction from his undead master. Is this man crazy? Or delusional? No, he is simply playing one of the literally hundreds of fantasy online games that are as near as your computer screen.

Type the words “fantasy game” into your favorite search engine and you will see a wide array of games and alternate realities meant to appeal to nearly every taste.

Many of them are rated for most ages, but many others are rated for teens and older, so be careful and monitor which games your children are playing. You don’t want to let your children play hardcore violent games – it may affect their development but it is not always the case. Therefore, it is best to monitor what games your children want to play.

Vampires not your cup of tea? There are so many other fantasy online games that you are sure to be able to find the right persona for yourself to relieve your tension, to work out aggressions, or to just fulfill other fantasies in a safe environment.

The options are unlimited, and the characters and action are limited only be your own imagination. The sky is the limit in these fantasy online games, if you can dream it, then you can achieve it, if not in your real life, then online. Your computer opens a vast world of forests and trolls, or of more realistic characters and situations.

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Some of the most popular fantasy online games do not feature vampires or other mythological characters, they are real people in a new world that needs to be built from the bottom up.

Some of these are free, but others require a membership- to get more in the fantasy world, you have to pay more in the real world. One game features its own money and with it you buy land to build on, businesses to make more money and so on just like in the real world.

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The free games are good places to start, especially if you have never played a fantasy online game before, but once you are ready for better graphics and more realistic situations, upgrading to a premium account might be your best option.

Regardless of whether it is a free or paid subscription, you must keep in mind that these are fantasy games, and not let them take over your real life.

Some fantasy online games can serve as practice for real world situations, and the game itself can lead to friendships, and yes, even possibly romances. Most of these games also feature message boards where the players chat with each other, not only about their characters’ lives but also about their real situations as well.