As you probably know, gaining mass is the key to winning in The more mass you have, the better your standing gets. The problem is that getting mass can take a lot of time and you have to worry about not getting eaten until you grow your cell. There are many ways of gaining mass quicker, and one of them is by using our agario cheats to get bigger. They will help you gain mass at a much faster rate.


There are a couple of tactics that will help you grow quickly and we’re going to go through the most effective ones. This is what you need to do:




When you start the game, you’ll have a tiny mass compared to other players. The only way to grow is to eat the small dots on the screen and avoid enemies while doing it. Try to look for uncrowded parts of the map and gain mass as fast as possible. You can use other tactics after hitting a mass over 200.


Middle mass


Once you reach a mass over 200, you are considered as a middle mass cell. You are now able to eat smaller cells and gain their mass by doing it. The best tactic is to split your cell into two pieces and move around the map like that. If you can, stick close to corners and wait for smaller cells to get close to it. Then, cut their path and eat them one cell at a time. If an enemy has a larger and a smaller cell, try to eat the smaller one first and then just finish him off.


You can use our agario hacked game options to boost your mass and speed. They will give you an advantage over other players and you will be able to corner them easier. Eat a couple of middle mass cells and rise to the top of the players list in a matter of minutes. It really is that easy!


High mass


Once you have reached a high mass, over 1000 points, you can dominate the map much easier. Your cell will become much slower, but most cells won’t be able to take you down. You can take your time and plan every step.


Playing alone with a high mass can be tricky. The game is much easier to dominate when played with a friend, but there are some ways to survive on your own. One of them is driving other big cells into viruses. The cells will split into 16 pieces. When that happens, split your own cell and eat the enemy player before he knows what hit him.


You can also try the cannon split tactic, but you need a friend for that. It takes some time to perfect the move, but once you do, no one will be able to stop you. In case you find these tactics a little too hard, you can always use our online hack generator and get the best Agario Hack tools available.