In the internet browser game, Agario you get to play as a simple single cell and you have to survive by not being eaten by the other player’s cells. There are many of these cells in Agario and the object of the game is to eat other cells and circles in the game making your cell grow bigger.

However, it also makes you slower. So the trick is to balance your speed, size and manoeuvrability, whilst all the time trying to get larger by eating the other cells in the game.

One trick that you can try so you survive for a longer period is to stick to the edges of the map. By doing this, you are avoiding the very busy and dangerous centre of the game. There are fewer cells and players at the edges of the map, which means that you are in less danger of being eaten.

This gives you more time to see danger coming as your opponents hunt you and to also plan your own attacks on other cells. You will be able to study the other player’s tactics and practise moves of your own and as you become more successful your cell will grow.

As you become more confident you will be able to take your cell towards the central areas of the game and compete with the top players without being eaten straight away.

This is a very useful trick that you can try out for yourself. You will be surprised how much longer you can survive in Agario. So remember, be patient and slowly increase the size of your cell rather than just plunging into the middle of a hectic battle.