HOW TO PLAY FREE ONLINE GAME is a very simple but extremely addictive game that doesn’t let go once it grabs a hold on you. For such a simple game design and mechanics, there are lots of small tricks that can help you rise to the top of the player’s list. We will walk you through some of the best tricks that other players won’t see coming. Implement them in your game and you’ll surely have better chances of dominating them all.


Believe it or not, this game requires some thinking and a good strategy if you want to last more than a minute. Players have all kinds of tactics that they use in-game, but we have selected the best tips for you to discover. Here is what you need to do to get to the top:

General tips


  • Don’t use viruses to split yourself up because they will likely ruin your game than help you.  Still, make sure to taunt people who got split by one.
  • When you reach a mass over 200, you can eat other cells, but you can also team up with other players. Usually, the players with the same skin will want to join you in a team. If a player does work with you, help them whenever you can. You can use a virus to split your cell into smaller cells and allow your ally to eat them and grow. They will hopefully return the favor when you need some mass to escape danger.

Tips for beginners


  • When you start, focus only on the dots. Build up your mass before trying to eat other cells.
  • You will often die quickly. Don’t despair, just to gain mass before splitting your cell up in an attempt to eat another cell.

Mid game tips


When you reach a mass of over 200 points, you’re ready for offense.


  • If you have a single, large cell, try to catch smaller cells in corners and crowded spaces to gain even more mass. Use our agario cheats to get bigger and gain an advantage.
  • Split your cell only once, because having more small cells will make you more vulnerable.
  • The easiest way to get some mass is to eat cells that have split too much. Eat it piece by piece and eventually, you’ll be able to eat the entire cell.
  • The trick that will help you the most when you’re trapped near the border by a bigger cell is to change directions quickly. Start moving one way and then change directions in about a second. Bigger cells are slower so you’ll get a small window to escape.

Tips for Top players


  • Press space when you see two middle cells fighting. You’ll help one eat the other and you can then eat the winning cell too.
  •  Keep an eye on the position of the viruses because they will turn out to be your worst enemy. If you hit one, try to protect the small pieces with the bigger ones. You can also sacrifice them to get away with the bigger part.
  • When a cell is a bit smaller than yours, try to corner smaller cells or use other bigger ones to get rid of them. When you’re trying to corner a cell, try to predict its movements and eat it before they run away.
  • Sometimes, the situation will make you give up. If that happens, press space and try to get out with a small piece.