Technology has brought in some cool updates for our generation. Not only has it improved the way we communicate, access and use information, but it has also provided people with more options for entertainment. Gone are the days when peoples only option was what was on television.

Today, at a click of a finger you can access any show you want to watch and run a search according to genre, year or popularity. Technology has brought in a new arena for manufacturers to battle in: Smartphones. These devices open a lot of business opportunities for entertainment developers by selling game applications. If you are a game addict, here are some of the top games that will keep you entertained.

Candy Crush

The most addictive of games come in the very simple forms. You do not need a lot of computer graphics and heavy animation. All the developers need to do to make a game addictive is to keep the concept really simple and easy to understand. Candy crush, to put it simply is a game of matching colors. It is the same concept used on games such as Jewel City and other versions in Family Computer and PC games before. Like a very basic brick game these types of concepts keeps the mind occupied and tied by increasing the level of difficulty with each passing stage.


Talk about the android version of a tamagochi this time in a whole new different level. The concept of the game is also simple. It represents cells and bacteria in a petri dish. The goal of the game is for the player to get more mass by consuming smaller cells and growing bigger each time. This may seem easy but add in the challenge of not getting eaten by other bigger cells then you get a really exciting obstacle game. The game has become so popular that some websites are dedicated on how you can improve your game and find new ways of winning.

Flappy Bird

Overnight hits are not only common in Hollywood in its swirling music industry and burning movie screens but also very much alive in the field of android apps. If there is a phenomenal hit in music represented by one hit wonders, the mobile gaming field has Flappy Bird. This app became an overnight sensation gaining over 5 million downloads in a span of one weekend making it an instant hit. The app comes with one function and that is to tap on the screen just enough for the character not to fall and not to hit on the ceiling and obstacles put in the game as well. Again, it sounds so simple but it quickly becomes surprisingly addictive.

Every gaming enthusiast will have their own list of favorite. Most console games would invest on graphics and special effects but mobile apps require only a solid concept and an easy to understand premise to generate a profitable hit.