Agario is a sensational multiplayer game on the internet and millions of people are playing it worldwide.  It is a simple game to play and is an ideal game to play on your mobile phone which means you can play more or less anytime or anywhere. Just do a search online to get a free download for whatever device you wish to play on. What exactly is the point of this game? You play as a cell in Agario and eat other player’s cells.

The whole point is to get as big as you can and to avoid being eaten yourself. The bigger you get, the more of a threat you become to other players. It is really important that you do not get eaten in the early stages of the game when you are still very small.

To avoid getting eaten, you will have to be quick and clever to avoid all of the other larger cells. You can use tricks such as using the green cells to split yourself if your cell is big enough. Then after a certain time you can merge the two parts back together again.

The whole point of Agario is to get larger. You should keep on continuously eating other cells to grow. You can either do it passively or aggressively. You can just passively eat the smaller cells.

This technique is much safer, since you are in no danger, but it is also a slow way to get larger. A more aggressive method that you can try out is to pursue other players and eat them. You can get much larger faster if you do this. However, it is also more dangerous.

Agario is a game that you must try out. You will find out that it is a very competitive but fun game to play and it is easy to pass many hours playing this game. You will certainly get a lot of enjoyment out of this game.